Amensolar successfully signed Cybrid Technologies Inc agents
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   September 15, 2017 news: Amensolar (Suzhou) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. announced today that it has entered into a contract with Cybrid, the world's largest manufacturer of photovoltaic backsheet, Cybrid Technologies Inc., to obtain global solar cell modules Backsheet, EVA / POE packaging film and related photovoltaic materials sales agent, the world's first brand backsheet technology strategic partner. At the same time, on a global scale, the two sides will join hands together to promote the race back in the global marketing and sales work.


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    Cybrid Technologies Inc. was born in a high-molecular material from the domestic and foreign research and development of polymer materials laboratory, after the introduction of Lenovo and other well-known venture capital, has now become the leading international level of comprehensive polymer functional materials research and development and Manufacturer company. The company occupies 53 acres, the registered capital of 148 million yuan, research and development and production of photovoltaic, electrical insulation, electronic information, white goods, automotive, medical and other fields of polymer applications. Saiwu relies on its own strong research and development capabilities in the country to take the lead in the realization of large-scale solar panel solarization industry, China has become the first six major components manufacturers all bulk purchase of domestic backsheet suppliers since the end of 2009 Since the backsheet production, the cumulative backsheet shipments have more than 12GW, withstood the test for many years of mass quality stability test, whether it is the back of the new product development capabilities, product quality, or sales and production capacity, Board shipments for five consecutive years in China first, for two consecutive years the world's first, the global backsheet market share of 12%, successfully reelected the world's largest backsheet factory manufacturers.

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