Welcome Poland clients Mr. Jeetu Tekwani ,the CEO of Z Energy Sp Zoo to visit Amensolar
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On 29th Nov, 2019, Mr. Jeetu Tekwani, the General Manager of Z Energy Sp Zoo, visited Amensolar company. Mr.Lu, the general manager of Amensolar, accompanied him.


In the morning, Mr.Lu introduced the company's general situation and product model specifications, performance, production capacity, etc., then visited the factory, made a detailed understanding of the entire product process, technical parameters, and carried out special projects on solar modules.

During the period, General Manager David and the engineers actively cooperated with customers to solve various technical problems.


In the afaternoon,Mr.Lu and Mr.Jeetu visited Amensolar Inverter factory and watched the production line.During the period,Mr.Jeetu asked some technical doubts which Mr.Lu and engineers solved them  carefully.

Mr.Jeetu appreciates about Amensolars advanced production technology and high-tech production equipments.


Through this field trip, the two sides reached a cooperation intention. At the same time, the customer left a deep impression on our company's good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control and product technology, and expressed his willingness to maintain long-term and stable friendly cooperative relations with our company.

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