The Photovoltaic Industry Laeder in Africa, Madagascar MAJINCO, visited Amensolar
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The Photovoltaic Industry Laeder in Africa, Madagascar MAJINCO, visited Amensolar

    On January 15th, 2019, Mr. Sairoz Abhavani, the general manager of MAJINCO, and the  technical team visited our company. Madagascar MAJINCO is the leading company in African photovoltaic industry. Mr. Lu, the general manager of Amensolar, and related technical personnel accompanied them and did detailed presentation and explaination.


    Mr. Sairoz Abhavani and his technical team had an in-depth understanding of the Amensolar products system and visited the Solax automated PV inverter production line.

   Under the guidance and with the presentation of our technicians, Madagascar guests conducted a solid field visit to the entire production process. They had a full scale understanding of a series of production processes such as SMT placement workshops, assembly workshops and lithium battery production lines. The Madagascar customers showed great interest in our new Triple Power V2 battery, and made in-depth understanding of the production process, performance, production capacity and quality control. They highly appreciated the standardized, automated, highly efficient workshop site management and process manufacturing process.




   In the conference followed, Mr. Sairoz Abhavani gave high praise to the quality of our products, and  expressed full praise and recognition to our advanced management methods, highly automated production processes, strict quality inspection processes and professional services. MAJINCO showed its willingness to be the sole agent in Madagascar region, and are willing to explore the African market with support of Amensolar.

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