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Principles of solar power generation systems

Solar power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar photovoltaic cells to convert solar radiation directly into electric energy.

PV distributed grid connected process

Distributed photovoltaic power station type

  • A, completely spontaneous use mode

    This pattern is usually used in the user side of the electricity load is larger, and the electricity load a few years continuously, discontinued or semi shutdown occurs, or even if, during the holiday, electricity load is sufficient to maintain the size of a consumptive photovoltaic power plant most power.

  • B, spontaneous use of residual electricity access mode

    For the most promising distributed power users, select the spontaneous power over the Internet is the most ideal pattern, it can not only get the spontaneous high price, but also can not afford to use in the case back to the grid.

  • C, full Internet mode

    In the nearly ten years of large-scale development of photovoltaic power generation, direct access to the Internet has been the mainstream of photovoltaic applications, because of its simple financial model, and relatively reliable, and willing to be favored by the capital. The grid connected form is not only applicable to the future distributed fixed price project, but also is a good choice for many projects which are not suitable for users at present.

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